ANTI-HAUL #1: Saying “Heeeeeeell no!” (03.17.17)

This past couple of weeks, new products- especially highlighters- have been emerging and being dropped from big name brands. When I saw these products, I knew for sure that there was no way I was going to buy these products. No way in hell. There are various reasons why, which I’ll delve into in a second. But first, the products receiving the honour of never being purchased by me are as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 3.06.16 AM.png

You might be seeing some of them and gasping to yourself, “What is wrong with you? Those are all outstanding products!” and you may be right. Nay, you’re likely right. They probably perform really well, but they’re just not for me. I can’t see myself using them for one reason or another, and here’s why:

1. Pixi Beauty Double Cleanse

I have several reasons why I’m not getting this product. Firstly, I live in Canada, and I have a very limited access to Pixi Beauty products (thank the heavens they’ve begun coming to Shoppers Drug Marts) that this is impossible to get within Canada unless I buy them online. My options for this, though? It’s 24 British Pounds, and the shipping costs would be insane. So, I’m not going out of my way to get this product even if it’s hyped.

Secondly, this product is based on the double-cleansing method. I already double cleanse and have a balm cleanser and several water-based cleansers that I routinely switch out from my small stash. I don’t need an extra product that does the thing my balm cleanser and water-based cleanser does. Definitely a great concept, though, and I’m glad it’s one I already implemented into my daily skincare routine. Don’t double cleanse? You should definitely try it, especially if you notice that you don’t get all your makeup completely off despite cleansing your face! Don’t go out of your way to get this particular product, though- any oil/balm cleanser will do to serve as your first step, and any water-based cleanser will do equally as well for your second step.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Holy mother of all highlights, this is like the ultimate highlighter palette for those who love 1. a blinding highlight, and 2. rose gold/pink tones.

First off, it would take me absolutely forever to go through all six highlighters and completely hit pan on all of them. That’s absolutely insane. I don’t wear highlighters on a daily basis/often enough to be able to hit pan fast and move onto the next big highlighter. I’ll likely die before I even hit pan. That being said, I also wouldn’t use Daydream and 143 from the palette as they’re too dark for my skin tone. That already pares it down to four possible highlights I would use out of the six, breaking the math down to $52 for the whole thing (0.96oz/ 27g), each pan containing 0.16 oz/ 4.5 g of product, which comes out to approximately $13 per pan of highlight.

That doesn’t sound too shabby, but it is also the product itself that I find fault with. As someone who doesn’t go full glam or go all-out with her makeup on a daily/regular basis, I don’t tend to load on the highlighter as Instagram beauty gurus and some YouTubers do. However, this glow kit highlighters are made to create that effect, and that puts me off. I prefer a much more subtle, natural-looking highlighter (i.e. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, the highlighter in Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow). For the rare occasions that I do want a strong, beaming highlight, I’ll have my Mary Lou-Manizer highlight from the Balm Cosmetics. So, this product was an easy no for me.

3. Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection

I am a lover of all things neutral, classic, and versatile. When I first saw this palette, I was tempted because the shades were oh-so-beautiful and calling my name. The browns, pinks, corals, oranges, just absolutely beautiful. I admit that it’s nice having some matte eyeshadows equally in the mix as there are shimmery and glittery shades.

But the big, big thing about this palette is that it is VERY EASILY DUPEABLE!

First off, I spy some shades that I would not reach for as often- I’m looking at you, Smokin’, Heaven, Pink Cheeks, Poodle- wait a minute. It’s actually easier saying which shades I do love the look of, which are Hot & Bothered, Makeup & Chill, Fairy Tale, and Honey Butter. The rest are so-so, shades I wouldn’t mind having in a palette but definitely not shades I’m drawn towards.

Fortunately for us (unfortunately for Too Faced muahaha), the shades I actually really like are common and dupeable! I was able to find a dupe of Makeup & Chill in Anastasia Beverly Hill’s eyeshadow single in Hot Chocolate and Fudge, whereas Fairy Tale looks a lot like ABH single in Soft Gold. Hot & Bothered looks similar to ABH’s Wine and Makeup Geek’s foiled eyeshadow in Flamethrower.

So, instead of paying $69 for 30 shadows (of which I’m only drawn towards four shades), I think it’s much more worth it to purchase eyeshadow singles I love and know will get daily/regular use.

4. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick (Supernova)

I love all things Milk Makeup; their packaging, design, product- just everything draws me in and appeals to the minimalist in me (not the holographic, that part’s non-existent in me). While I do appreciate the packaging, I do not, however, appreciate the highlight. The shade is a little too purple-based in the sense that I cannot see myself wearing this on a daily basis. It’s definitely not office-friendly, and I prefer my makeup to be toned down and merely accentuate by features. Bringing attention to my face is not what I prefer on a day-to-day basis. All around, this is a no from me.

Additionally, one thing that should be noted is that the current holographic highlighter trend is very likely a short trend. That would mean two things: this product is not a staple in my makeup collection, and the trend would likely die by the time I hit the bottom on this tube. All in all, not worth the time nor the money, but definitely something fun to try once in a while. $34CAD for one ounce? Too much trend-based product for a high price I’m unwilling to pay for.

5. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo

These were very, very tempting I must admit. Heck, I was drawn towards the whole line! When CoverFX released the line for the first time with Celestial, Moonlight, etc., I had actually wanted to try them out for myself, but there were several strong reasons why I didn’t end up purchasing them that still stand today with Halo.

Halo is described to be a “holographic, multi-dimensional” highlight. From swatches and demos online, I could see that this was basically a beaming white-silver highlight with blue-purple reflects. Rather than holographic, this was more of an iridescent shade. Colour-wise, this was just not compatible with me and my skin; my undertone is yellow- a warmer skin tone, while Halo had a cooler finish, being the exact complementary colour of my skin: purple. So, that’s not really a pretty look. Sure, I could tone it down by not loading up the highlighter on my face, but I don’t want to make the effort in doing that.

That leads me to my other point: the highlighter drops from CoverFX are insanely pigmented. One drop really goes a long way. There are two things that this leads to:

  1. They are difficult to manage (pigmentation and opacity-wise). I know people like their highlighters pigmented so they don’t need to worry about building up the highlight, but I personally like that I can build it gradually and alter the amount easily by adding more for a beaming look, or not applying as much for a subtle and natural highlight. I’d rather have my highlight look subtle than beaming, and with Halo, the latter is more likely to happen more often than not.
  2. One drop goes a long way, and you’d likely need a drop or two for your highlighting purposes. If you’re mixing it in with your foundation, maybe an additional drop would suffice. However, the unfortunate thing about these CoverFX drops is that they allegedly have a short shelf-life of 12 months, but there have been many reported cases of them going bad or the formula changing after 6 months. That might not sound too bad as that’s the standard with most beauty products, however considering that there is 0.5 oz/ 15 mL of product in the bottle, and keeping in mind that you’re using about 1-2 drops daily, this would take me absolutely forever to go through the entire bottle. I personally wouldn’t be able to finish it up before it goes bad.

Finally, I have a perfectly functional and wonderful highlighter that packs a punch for those days I need an extra oomph (that’s the Balm Cosmetic’s Mary Lou-Manizer, for those of you wondering), and have my highlighters from Charlotte Tilbury and Essence Cosmetics for a subtle, everyday glow. Don’t need to add more to the collection!

6. Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette

The reasons for my not purchasing these are endless. Some of them are already covered under other TMOs above. The major reason and the gist of my conclusion on not purchasing this palette are that the shades are very bold and trendy. Not exactly office-friendly nor subtle, the shades are (all with a silver-white base) green, blue, purple, and pink. Just, just no.

I’m all for playing around with fun makeup and trying new things out, but I can find these in my eyeshadow collection somewhere if I ever feel the need to have an iridescent purple highlight. Even then, the number of instances where I feel that need has been rather low to the point that I cannot justify spending $44CAD on a palette for four full-sized pans of highlighter I will never go through, never pick up, and never use up.


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