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Hey there!

I’m Julie, and I’m a huuuuuge beauty enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada. This includes pretty much everything: skincare, well-being, fashion, all things self-care — you name it, I am all about it. Hence, I decided to name my blog The Beauty Mélange“, in which the word ‘mélange’ means “a mixture; a medley”.  This has been my hobby (albeit an expensive one) since high school and I have poured my love and passion for beauty- cosmetics and skincare- into this blog.

I like to test out a lot of beauty products and review them on my blog here, so The Beauty Mélange is review-focused. That being said, please do take my reviews with a flexible mindset; I am by no means a medical or a professional expert, and the reviews I write are based purely from my own experience(s) with the product. It might also be helpful to note that I am light-medium with extreme combination skin (oily t-zone, dry-as-the-desert everywhere else). I also struggle with eczema from time to time, so I prefer products for sensitive skin. Please keep in mind that what may work for me may not work for you, and vice versa- and that’s the magic of beauty.

We are all different and possess different traits and qualities, but that’s what makes the journey so fun. I find it gratifying to slowly make my way towards better skin, healthier life, and a makeup collection that I am wholly in love with.

Come join the journey with me by following me here on: http://www.thebeautymelange.wordpress.com or subscribing via email! You can also follow me on Instagram (@thebeautymelange) for updates, notifications, etc. on new posts. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of you around! ♥️

For business inquiries, please feel free to contact me on Instagram @thebeautymelange!


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